no he isnt going anywhere

Mr Pyrka said all this stuff he was going from crop circle wisdom. We knew it was bull. He lied. He says this

An agreement has been made to postpone the handover of this website due to a scathing attack by Temporary Temples who have conned the crop circle believer for decades. 
We were happy to hand over this website to a new owner who was going to keep it simple and without any fuss and be cooperative with other Individuals but yet he couldn’t leave it alone so therefore we will resume as normal. 
The handover will still happen but NOW its just a question of WHEN !


This si rubbish. We have checked facebook pages about crop circles and we cannot see what has been said to upset Mr Pyrka. Unless he is reading this. If he thinks we are Steve Alexander he is thicker than we have given credit him for.

Once again the dim Mr Pyrka goes on about conning people. Just lok through here to see some of the fake stories and photos he has shared. We will look at more of his shit soon.






will he go? dont think so

There is big news to share. Mr Pyrka is leaving crop circle wisodm.

Crop Circle Wisdom Announcement. 
At the beginning of 2018 we have decided to either close or hand over this website to another new owner if a new owner could be found. 

Reasons for decisions made:
All truth seeking websites sadly receive all sorts of threats, blackmail  and made up lies by all who are corrupt beyond comprehension. The current researchers will no doubt continue  to fool you into believing that aliens are responsible for all the pretty art work in fields of gold  – we can assure this is not the case but that will be down to you to decide or the new owner of this website. The latest and most ridiculous accusation, is that the editor of this website met a corrupt alien who told the editor to corrupt all crop circle believers out there. Well – if you actually believe this then you have our apology. We will no doubt have to contact our corrupt aliens and  have some serious words with them and give them a slap on their wrist !
Chasing information is time consuming also which generally has to be verified by two editors – sadly one of the editors is emigrating to the USA to take on a role in the IT sector – Bon Voyage Mr. T and good luck in the Big Apple – you will be missed.
We would also like to thank all the alien spies out there for all the hard work who have contributed over the years – I’m sorry to inform you all that your P60 will be sent out in the post as soon as it is possible – however new job opportunities will be available to you as soon as NASA work out how to get you back to your Galaxies. 

What will we do from now on?

We will continue research in the ACTUAL PHENOMENON that has been frequently reported in and around man made crop circles and historic areas of Wiltshire and other UK counties – phenomenon such as the frequently seen balls of lights etc.
So look out for a dedicated website which will probably appear late 2018 or early 2019. We feel it will be more challenging and worthy rather than arguing with brick wall researchers who quite frankly cant research out of a brown paper bag. 

As from 1st of September 2018 a new owner of this website will take over responsibility for all editing and current content. 
Once the handover is done we will provide all appropriate contact details – website will be updated accordingly – however it probably will be just another crop circle web page, so if you have any gripes or suggestions then the new webmaster will assist you in the best possible way.

So at this point we would like to thank all our visitors to this website for your continual support.
Always seek the truth !!! 

​God Bless

Even when he quits he is still full of shit. He says he is a truth seeker. Which real truth seekers fake alien photohraphs and fake ufo photohraphs   and make up stories to back up the nonsense things they say. Mr Pyrka even trieis to make iot crop circle wisodm is a big thing and he has two editors who read his stuff after he has researched information from his own imagenation. Crap. The only two people who help him are his invisible frien ds called Delusion and Psicosis. The veggies have all gone. Star Merlin the fennel doesnt even want to taste his carrot anymore.

He canyt even get it right when he says about aliens. It is p45 not p60 idiot. You leave your job and you get a p45. P60 is a statement of the tax you pay each year.

Mr Pyrkas head is so full of fuck he will now be investiating a thing called the ACTUAL PHENOMENON which he has already said is dead. Does he walk around London hoping to see dead kings and queens. ? But he does see faces in wheat and spacemen in photos. We wonder if he will fake more balls of light to give himself something to investigate. He did it beforfe and got in the paper.

It is funny he is quitting now we are back. Always seek the truth Mr Pyrka. We kn iw the truth is you are full of crap.




say no evil do no evil

Mr Pyrka has been telling Steve Alexander he is a bad guy for seling photos.


Mr Pyrka says Steve you ae a con man who preys on the innocent robing peope of their dignity. It is nobel of Mr Pyrka to save us all from Mr Alexander. It is good of him to think of us all.

HThe hypocrisy is Mr Pyrka is the con man. He sold a film of an adverts balloon as a ufo video to Terry Toftennes for 250 pounds.

Mr Pyrka also cons the people who go to his pages on the internet. He says he tells the truth. Bull shit. He fakes stories and alien photos. This is some of his creative writing. Something he says Mr Alexander and his wife do. And this is some of the fake photograps he has made. And he says Mr Alexander uses photoshop.

Mr Pyrka is thicker than we thougt if he thinks we have forgot.





You dont learn

It was only a few years ago a that Mr Pyrka was crying on his cocopops. The bully had the tables turned on bim my Charles Mallett. Mr Mallett found out some stuff on what Mr Pyrka had been planning. Mrs Pyrka threw out her man and he retired to his shrd in his garden to write his book where he would lie about the photos and stories he had faked. Interacting with bullshit and crop circles it was going to be called. She let him back into the house as he made to much noise in the shed at night. He would then drag a black bag to his taxi and go off. Next day he would be back with mud on his knees.
Now Mr Pyrka has climb out of the pond back to his floating turd. He found his veggie friends had gone. We watched quietly and decided to be silent. Now Mr Pyrka is spouting more lies so Andrew Pyrka Watch is back to remind you of the crap he vomits.



Eyes of psicosis still watching


Cropcircle prophet Mr Pyrka is a very busy man. He saw three circlemaking groups last week. Between them so they made nothing. Now he has been camped in the taxi at the sanctuary. He saw a car or van or bike he recognised and knows who made the sanctuary cropcircle. This was when he was driving his taxi miles and miles away where he lives. The silly split personality man cannot be in two places at the same time Eve Eve n of he thinks he was. Real Mr Pyrka was working and his crazy side in Wiltshire.



Eyes of psicosis are watching you

tmp_16948-18814829_797464170430198_3750544454290640063_o72718102Mr Pyrka said there were three circlemaking teams about on one night at the end of May. How many cropcircles were found right after? Nothing. He said there would be more because it is school holidays time. There were not until the weekend. See how Mr Pyrka pretends he knows all about cropcircles. He does not. He is full of rubbish .

Perhaps he cannot help it and had a psicotic episode. We know from an old friend of Mr Pyrka he likes to drive about Wiltshire at night. This is a good thing. It means peopp r in his home town are safe from the crazy cabby. His friend says Mr Pyrka likes to sit at the edge of fields in his car. He also sits in the caff in a garage with coffee. When he sees cars pull in he told his friends they belong to circlemakers or cropvircle photographers and investigators. He is right if he thinks the circlemakers and photographers and investigators are old people putting petrol in the cars or fat men in suits stopped​ for a pis or families buying chocolate.

Mr Pyrka thinks there is an universal justice and the eyes of truth are watching. He listens to to much retro deep forrest music. He makes stuff up.

Hisown eyes watch nothing but road and drunk twenty year old girls in the back of the taxi. It is sad.hhis veggie friends really need to help him get better.

Mr Pyrka the vandal

Does anhyone remember when Mr Pyrka vandalised a natioonal monument. It was the 4th of August 2013. With his veggie friendshe illegally climbed to the top of Silbury Hill. He was often on top with his friend Sue you know. When they reached the top they made some cropcircles in the grass. Mr Pyrka later showed off on his facebook RACCF. The Silbury Hill owners found out and sent a letter to say if he did it again they would go to court.

A friend of Mr Pyrkas told us Mr Pyrka was very proud of what he did and he did think it was funny. He also said Mr Pyrka had a vision on top of Silbury Hill. He said he saw a cross of flashing lights in the sky above the hill. Mr Pyrka said it meant making the cropcircles was the right thing to do because god had wanted them to. The veggies had to ask Mr Pyrka if he was okay. Can any man with a split personality who makes bad photo alien  fakes and wants to start a cult be okay. No.

We found some photos of the circles made by Mr Pyrka and friends.

Mr Pyrkas split personality

Everyone who has met Mr Pyrka thinks he is insane. Wr have evidence of gis two perspnalities. On his facebook page he spends time talking to himself lots. Nonbody else goes there because they do not want to gtalk with the psycho. He likes this crop circle though.


It is perfect and brill. Look he is nudjing and winking he thinks it was made by a man name Brill Bill. This is what he thinks because hge spends lots of time on this facbook page speaking to himself. Nobody else visits it because they know he is a psycjho.

On hs other website Mr Pyrka shows his split personality. He hates the same cropcircle but he will do because so me people read this website.


It is all wrong and uneven and is not even reasonable. It is typical and boring and was only made to cover up a mistake in the other circle. How does Mr Pyra know this. When hge was sgowng the world what a great cropcircle maker he was he was not making more cropcircles to distract from the wonk he made. But he would have been making hundreds every day and nighttimes to distract  from his last mess. You are full of rubbish Mr Pyrka.

See Mr Pyrka is a liar and likes you to think he knows what goes on in the fields. He doesnt. He sees a balloon and thinks it is a ufo. Could you trust this ill man.

Andrew hypocrite

Mr Pyrka has a question for a dutch physic called Robert Van den Broeke. He thinks Robert makes cropcircles but does not have any proof. Mr Pyrka says on Report a Crop Circle


The Crop Circle Connector probably posts the Robert cropcircles as they show all circles. Why does Mr
Pyrka cry that Robert is a conman when he is as bad with his doctored photos. We remember when Mr Pyrka sold his film of a baloon to Terje Toftenes for a lot of money. Mr Pyrka said the baloon was a ufo. Does the man not understand he is a hypocrite.